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Post by JPB18 on Sat Dec 19, 2009 9:47 am

So, yesterday I went to the see Avatar in the day he arrived here with some friends... And I loved it! Great special efects (mixed with the 3d efect) a nice storyline and good caracters... now comes the spoiler time!

The story is about a paraplegic guy who arrives to a moon (of a giant gas planet) called Pandora and his mission is to establish contact with the natives using a body created with the mix of human dna (the human that would control the body) and from native dna... To those bodies they gave the name of Avatar... But, as do most humans use to, the main objective of their mission was to retrieve an extremely precious mineral with floating capabilities... And the main char mission is to convince them to move away from their home... A huge tree over the main depoisit of that mineral in a radious of 200 kilometers... When he doesn't suceed with the mission, the corporate mercenaries launch a strike on that tree with gunships that literaly destroy the roots of the natural structure, killing dozens of natives in the process... But, our main character in that time had aready changed sides, and started helping them to amass an huge army, one that would destroy the human colony... There, starts the main battle of the movie where dozens of gunships a "Dragoon" (a dropship) and a Shuttle refited to be used as bomber strike their sacred "temple"... The battle seems to run badly against the natives until the "mother nature" of that planet launch an attack against the humans (wind, animals, etc) and destroy their strike force... In the end the paraplegic guy is definitly transfered to his new body (the Avatar) and continues to live in their planet, while they allowed an handfull of scientist to continue to study their planet without any harm against their enviroment.


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Post by Darkwing on Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:17 pm

you can ad your review if you wish to the avatar thread i already started in the your creations section

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