Prozium shots to start in a few years

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Prozium shots to start in a few years

Post by Thingy on Tue Dec 08, 2009 11:04 pm

Well, lookie there, seems mr obama wasnt the nice guy we all thought he was. Now he and our ''oh so beloved'' european governments (hell, maybe even the EU) are trying to pass a treaty that will make any officer of the law capable of stopping you, searching your hard drive and ripping out anything that looks pirated. Without any warrant or solid proof, he just needs to accuse you of piracy and voila your hard drive is a few files lighter. The treaty will be called ''ACTA''. Now, i'm against pirates and want an effective system against piracy that wont affect us half time pirates (and non pirates)too much, but this is getting retarded.

If they manage to pass this law, i'm going to join the nearest anti ACTA riot/protest. Oh, and we'll probably be getting our prozium shots very shortly after the treaty is passed

(this is prozium, by the way

Yep, better start building that moon base, MNIM, they're coming for your hard drive. And i'm really starting to understand how you're thinking, jaymz. Your government really is retarded...

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Re: Prozium shots to start in a few years

Post by Thingy on Wed Dec 09, 2009 12:27 am

Oh, wait, forgot the video, here it is.