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Post by Gonzales on Sat Nov 14, 2009 12:20 am

Spontaneous Fun Things to Do in Public
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Let's be honest here - these activities are just a way of getting some extra attention. Basically you are laughing at other peoples confusion by doing weird things in public. Well some attention whore's just love that kind of stuff. Most of these activities will be way more impressive with more people attempting to confuse. One person acting looks crazy - multiple people acting crazy can make everyone else quite confused. Safety first and don't break the law. Make sure you bring your camera phone or digital camera so you can document the event and put it up on Facebook or Youtube.

Spontaneous Fun Things to do in Public
* Get to school early one day and if you can get into your classroom you can do this. Write out the biggest, most ridiculous assignment on the board. Also include an impossible deadline and huge penalty if they don't finish the assignment. Watch the look on your classmates face when they come into the class in the morning and realize what is on the board.
* Bring a rope and a Cowboy hat to a local park, find some geese and have yourself a fun time trying to roping some geese.
* Do a fake fall - falling down is funny
* Try to play basketball in a really weird place
* Act out a skit with multiple at the bus stop, in a bank or some other public place
* Dress up really weird and walk around the block waving to people you have never seen
* Fill a condom up with water and leave it on a busy side walk. Observe the results.
* Freely distribute mini bottles of blowing bubbles in crowded public places
* Go into the adult section of a video store with a friend and comment loudly on the titles you have seen and the how great the actors were.
* Go to the library and loudly ask where the erotica section is and how many books you can check out at once. Ask if they have read one of these books and if they can tell you about some of the "good parts"
* Have your caricature done
* Order a pizza while you're at the beach
* Keep a squirt gun in your vehicle and have it loaded at all times
* Write down deep questions on the toilet paper in the public bathroom
* Place a Whoopee Cushion on someone's chair just as they are sitting down
* Play flash light tag in a crowded place at night
* Print up a bunch of "lost pet" signs, instead make signs for a missing grilled cheese sandwich or your imaginary friend Steve. Tape them up in lots of public places, and make sure people see you doing it. Be sure to look very sad.
* Put on a business suit and walk around a toy store playing with the toys really enthusiastically until they ask you to leave.
* Sit in a large cardboard box on the side of the road with a sign that says, "Why lie? I need a BEER!!"
* Get involved in a Flash Mob
* Join a running race while it is in progress - bonus points for pretending to drink beer and smoking
* Go to a political protest and take a sign that makes absolutley no sense
* Do a few laps in the next revolving door you encounter
* Chase things that go by and when people ask you why say "It was shiny"
* Skip to the grocery store from your car, or ride in the buggy back
* Take you pants off and try and give them to someone
* Stare and gasp up at the sky with your friends
* Walk down a busy street and then freeze for no reason
* When the money comes out of the ATM, scream, " I Won! I Won! Third time this week!"
* If you find a surveillance camera - just dance in front of it until they kick you out - if that doesn't work try some naughtiness
* Have all your friends dress in exactly the same color and go out on

* Climb into a window display and pose
* Do the Peewee Herman Dance on a table in a food court
* Go into a fitting room and yell really loud, "Hey! We're out of toilet paper in here!"
* Go into a store all dressed up with some friends and give the appearance you are a movie star (see how many people you can convince - have some bodyguards in suits with walkie talkies)
* Go to the make-up section of stores in malls and give yourself a new look
* Go shopping wearing your bathing suit or bikini, flippers and swim goggles then go scuba diving in the water fountain for change
* Walk the opposite way on the escalator
* Play frisbee or catch in the mall
* Test drive a remote control car out in the mall - see how long it takes befoer somebody says "Stop that"
* Have a sumo wrestling match in the middle of a mall
* Have a scavenger hunt
* Get all your frineds to put on their Halloween Costume from last year
* Start your own flash mob with your friends from school using twitter or myspace
* Get a bunch of girlfriends and do the most hideous makeup job imaginable and then go shopping like that is your normal look
* Start a workout routine that takes you running through the mall
* Hide in the clothes racks, and when people walk by, or browse at the racks, change your voice and say "buy me", "pick me" or something of that sort
* Hum the "Mission I mpossible" theme loudly in a retail store
* Keep a mini water gun with you when you go to the mall. I nconspicuously shoot people as they walk by and watch for their reactions
* On a cold day get a big blanket and walk around an outdoor mall saying to different people " I 'm warmer than you!"
* Play the keyboard at the organ store
* Put on a white smock and find a ruler and a clipboard. Spend the afternoon asking strangers to let you measure parts of them
* Stick a price tag on yourself and sit on a shelf

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